A lot of firsts

It's been awhile since I posted....(thanks Erica for reminding me :). Abby now has two teeth. her bottom middles have come in. She is a sloooow teeth grower! I still can't get a good shot of them to post. We had to remove the coffee table from the living room because she kept bumping her head. She has now moved from cruising to full blown walking at just 9 months. Well actually, she has been taking steps for about a month now, but recently in the past couple weeks has been really walking well. She can go pretty far before she falls over.

We are having some issues keeping her off the stairs. She has mastered the art of climbing all the way to the top ( with our supervision of course). Marshall cannot put a baby gate at the bottom because there is no place to anchor one because of the railing. So for now, we will have to continually chase her.

She got her flu shot FINALLY the other week at her 9 month appointment. She weighed in at 18.9 lbs and 27 1/4" tall. She is in the 97th percentile for height! She's our little super model! The doctor was very impressed with her talking and her walking.

We took Abby to the mall tonight to see Santa but unfortunately we have no pictures because she screamed her head off. I wanted to buy one just for her baby book but I wasn't going to waste 15 bucks on a picture of my child screaming. We had our first big snow of the season this week. Over 12" of snow! below are some pics from when I took her outside to meet the snow. She wasn't to thrilled about it. She couldn't walk because we bundled her up so much. Enjoy some pictures below....


A Day at the Pumpkin Patch

We finally got a break in the weather after 4 long days of non stop rain. I thought we were never going to get Abigail to the Pumpkin Patch this year! We had beautiful weather today and it was the perfect time to go.

At just shy of almost 8 months, Abby is getting around really well. She is cruising around the coffee table and couch. She even lets go and stands on her own at times. We have our hands full! She is definitely a mommas girl. She wants me all the time. Hopefully it's just a phase.

On another note, we have finally decided to start planning our wedding. After only a week into it, I am realizing that my puny budget is NOT going to get us much. I'm having a very hard time finding venues that are in our price range. I feel like giving up already and waiting until we have more saved. We are planning on a September 2010 wedding. Either the last weekend in September or the first weekend in October. More details to come as they unfold, and if we can ever find a place that we like in our price range :)

Enjoy some pictures from today....


Lotta Catch'n Up To Do

It's been over a month since I had the time to sit down and leisurely post on the blog. A lot has taken place in the last month, I don't even know where to begin. Abigail is better than ever. She just turned 7 months on October 2nd. She is the most laughable, happy baby I have ever seen. She giggles and screams constantly. Nothing upsets her unless she is tired or hungry. But most of the time she is in a great mood.

She is doing what they call "cruising". Which means she is standing herself up and walking around while she holds onto the coffee table, the couch, my leg, or anything she can get a grip on. She will definitely be walking by Christmas. Watch out Christmas tree! She's a little pistol. Takes very little naps during the day, which means she sleeps GREAT at night! Bonus for us, but not so much for her grandparents.

At her last checkup she was in the 85 percentile for her height. ( she's mommies little super model) and 50% for weight; perfectly average. We have a hard time finding pants that are long enough for her. Still NO TEETH! I can't believe it. I thought for sure she would have teeth by now. Nope, natta! She is taking to baby food well. Veggies are a little tough but she likes sweet potatoes and mixed green beans and squash together. She loves all fruit. Still trying to get her use to the sippy cup. We are sorta slackin on working with her in that department.

On another note, we finally got moved into our new house! It's great. The three flights of stairs are gonna take some getting use to, especially when you have a 16 pound baby on your hip. Abigail even has her own bathroom. She sleeps in her own room in her crib with no problem.

Hopefully before the winter hits, will get another photo session in at the School Farm here in Greencastle. But for now, enjoy some pictures from the last month or so. When I get a chance, Ill post some pics of the new house. Right now it looks like Toys-R-Us threw up in our living room :)
Bye for now!



Our little Abigail is not so little anymore. She is officially crawling all over the place. Already had her hand in the dog water and is lifting herself up on the couch! Where did my baby go? Still no teeth though. I thought for sure she would have one by now. Ill take a video here soon and upload it for everyone to see.

These are pictures I just took this morning. I love this outfit! 

Um yea she fell asleep like this lol


Another First

We went to Cowans Gap over the weekend to visit my parents. Abby got her first feel of the sand! No, it's not real beach sand ( that will come next year ) but she was so intrigued by it. I was so thankful she didn't immediately try to put a handful in her mouth! We walked around the lake and had a great time. Next year, we will be taking a trip to the beach, hopefully, and she will get her first taste of salt water!


5 Months Today !

Today we mark the 5 months that Abby has blessed our lives. It's been awhile since I last updated and a lot has happened. She is sitting up on her own, rolling around, and tries really really hard to crawl. Pretty soon we will be able to start solids. We tried some sweet pureed carrots the other day and she wasn't quite ready yet. 

She is showing all the signs of teething but still no pearly whites. We are impatiently waiting :)

We finally found a place to call home in Greencastle. We hope to settle and move at the end of September. We are very excited to have more space to live and Abby will have her own bathroom!

Enjoy some pictures from the last month :)


Happy 4th

Abby turned 4 months on July 2nd. We had a great time celebrating at a friends house for the 4th of July. She obviously was the princess of the party. We think she might be teething. Any day now we should see a pearly white popping up. Lots of milestones lately too. She can now roll over and back with out a problem. We had to stop swaddling her because of this. SHe is chewing on everything! She talks and coos constantly. She is such a happy baby. Always smiling and very pleasant. She can almost hold her own bottle too. It's so cute.

Not much going on at the homestead. Trying to house hunt but not having much success. Abby has her 4mth appt. tomorrow so will see how much she weighs and how tall she is. She is a tall and slender baby!

Enjoy the pictures....


Blues Festival

Abby went to her first Blues Festival in Hagerstown this past weekend. She was a very good baby. I was impressed because of how crowded it was. It was a gorgeous day. We got really lucky. She also enjoyed her first swing ride! Still too small to fit but we put her in the swing anyways and grabbed some cute pictures to share. Enjoy!


Just playing around

I discovered Photobucket the other day. They have a great photo editing program for free. Who needs Photoshop anymore!